IVB Spotlight – Nick Striker

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Nick Striker has been a part of Iron Valley for almost a year now. Since 2014, he followed Zach Homol and saw that he was in Indy. Within the first month that IVB opened it’s doors, Nick came in for a day pass. Since he couldn’t afford a membership at the time, he continued working out at a cheaper gym. With a 275 bench and 390 squat, his numbers weren’t moving. Eventually, he decided to step up his game and become a member. Since then he has seen a dramatic increase in his numbers.

On top of his climbing numbers, Nick has gained a lot of knowledge as well. From training, programming and just advice from members, there is never a lack of help. When first joining, he had a misconception of these jacked, tatted up guys who train here. It’s common for people to think that they’re mean or aggressive but Nick says that they are actually the realest people he’s ever met.

The grittiness and rawness of the gym is what sets it apart. Everyone is one team, striving forward together. It’s all about visualization. Before benching 315, Nick remembers visualizing that moment over and over again before it finally happened. Along with that level of camaraderie and support, the GPP work is another thing he loves. It transfers over practically to the real world where he works as law enforcement. From the gym to real life, it all comes together and there’s nowhere better to build than Iron Valley Barbell.

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