Does Your Age Guarantee You Anything? – Stephanie Bauman

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Stephanie Bauman – @TrainerSteph7

It was a typical Thursday for me as a Personal Trainer, traveling to various locations to train different people. That day I started out in a Wellness Center that is available for anyone 55 and older. Then I went to an assisted living to train some of the members there. Then I headed to train a high school Volleyball team. Lastly, heading to teach my last class of the day, I was in a pretty good mood as Christmas was only 3 days away. Wonderful day of training and was going to finish with a great 12 Days of Christmas workout for my last group. We were on the final day, the 12th day, when something happened that no personal trainer wants to ever ever happen, a member of my class collapses.

One of the members tells me she passed out, once we rolled her over on her back I realized it’s more serious than her passing out; She’s not breathing. We perform CPR on her until the ambulance came. I can still picture her face being blue and the fear in everyone’s face, one member telling me she’s dead. All of this is still picture perfect in my mind.

Why am I telling you this? To make you feel bad for her or me? To make you watch people differently when you are training them? You see, this lady is only 45 years old (who has been coming to my class for a year) and she had a massive heart attack right in the middle of an exercise class. Still don’t understand why I’m telling you this?

We as humans usually have a number that we let define us. That number for some is their weight and the other number is their age. We think that if we are young we are unstoppable, until we reach either 40 or 50 we are young. We shouldn’t have any aches or pains and if you do people will say, “you’re too young for that.” You see, my Dad was only 34 when he died from brain cancer. Do you think he was too young? Or once we each that 40 or 50 age we use it as an excuse not to do anything or “I’m too old for that.” Recently there was a woman who was in her 90s that ran her first marathon. Do you think she used the excuse she’s too old to run marathon?

Anything can happen at any moment no matter what your age. You’re never too old or too young to do things or go through things in life. That’s why you need to act now. Don’t look at your age and tell yourself you have time because guess what, that’s not guaranteed at all. Do you think that lady at the age of 45 would ever think she would have a massive heart attack at that age? NO!! But we think we have time, we think we are young. We need to be grateful for the day and start taking care of ourselves now! There’s only one guarantee in life and that is we all will die at some point. Your age does not define you and it definitely doesn’t guarantee you anything!!!

For those who are wondering, the lady is still in critical condition but they recently took her off the vent and hoping to do open heart surgery soon. Her life is changed forever and guess what, so is mine!!

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