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Jose Miranda – @Frodo.10

“I wanna get my powerlifting career started,” says member of Iron Valley Barbell, Jose Miranda. “I’ve been lifting for a year but I didn’t start powerlifting until about four months ago.”

This is what brought Jose to IVB just a short two and a half months ago. After being at LA Fitness and working with an online personal trainer, he was shown Zach Homol and IVB. The resistance bands, SS Bars and other equipment enticed him to check it out. The globe-gyms just didn’t have what was necessary to succeed.

“I showed up and was hooked right away,” Jose said. The old school dumbbells and ‘grittiness’ attracted him right away. Where most people would expect there to be nothing but massive lifters, there’s “normal, real life people who just want to become better.”

That is what visitors and members alike say consistently about Iron Valley Barbell. The community is thriving and growing by the day. It’s not a gym where you need to be scared to ask for help. Members and employees alike are knowledgable in the craft and can help with any questions, giving a spot or capturing a video.

“The people that work ay globe-gyms don’t even workout,” said Jose. “They learned to workout through reading a book. The guys here are real lifters.”

This is backed up through the numbers. In less than 3 months since joining IVB, Jose has been able to bring a struggling 365 lb. squat up to 440. Bench is up to 280 from 245 and a missed 405 deadlift is now a solid 440. It all comes down to being mentally strong.

“If you aren’t mentally strong you won’t hit big numbers. This expands out into normal life as well.”

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