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Stephanie Bauman – @TrainerSteph7

If you’re a client of mine you will notice that I never program crunches into your core workout. I’ve had clients ask why and I’ve had clients who love that I don’t program crunches into their plan. But what’s the real reason behind it? “I thought crunches were one of the best ab exercises you can do?” There are a lot of people and trainers who do crunches every day and that is perfectly fine. I just don’t program them for my clients and below are my reasons why.

  1. Most people don’t know how to properly perform crunches. People do crunches every day and most are doing them wrong. They complain their neck hurts and can’t even feel it in their core. Your eyes should be focused on a spot on the ceiling and lifting with your core not your neck. You should never be pulling your neck when you perform a crunch.
  2. Overtime crunches can kill your spine. Think about how your spine is and should be. It’s straight. Think about how your spine is when you perform a crunch it’s no longer a straight line. There is a curve in it. Overtime a long with crunches and our posture alone can make one’s spine no longer straight.
  3. They are boring. When you start doing crunches its hard to stay focused on the movement the whole time. You’re mind starts going other places and you start to lose form. You get tired of doing them after the first set. Usually you must do 25 reps a set to start to really feel it.
  4. There are so many better options out there when it comes to core training. Ab roller, planks, ball presses, leg raises, band/cable exercises. All which keeps your spine in a straight line. Why put pressure on your body when you don’t need to. Let’s keep our body and joints healthy while strengthening the muscles we want to strengthen.

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