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Mike Brant – @MikeBrant2

Mike Brant has just celebrated his 1 year anniversary here at Iron Valley Barbell. Joining in November 2016, Mike has made nothing but strides, physically and mentally since the moment he stepped through these doors.

Looking to get into Strong Man competitions, Mike was looking for a local gym with a squat rack. When he came across IVB, the atmosphere stood out to him immediately. Upon a visit, he was greeted by Zach Homol at the door. “He couldn’t have been nicer to me. Immediately, he took me in and wanted me a part of the gym family,” Brant said.

Zach gave him a few days to train before committing to a membership but Mike knew right away that he was hooked. That family feel Zach preached about right away became a really. That close-knit atmosphere and the idea of achievement is what drew him in. “Everyone comes into the gym with an intent and self improvement mindset,” Brant said. “I thrive in that. It makes me want to get better every single day.”

And get better he has. Since first joining at a soft, 160 lbs. to cutting down to a clean 145 and then putting on quality size and sitting at a much cleaner, more solid 170 lbs. He started out just benching the bar and is now at 190, shooting for 225. His squat was also just the bar, but now he’s hitting 230 and aiming for 315. With 135 as his deadlift start, he now pulls 315 and hopes to get to 405.

“Mentally I’ve really leveled up. I had zero confidence when I first came,” said Mike. “Confidence in normal life has built drastically as well. Started in the gym and carried over to normal life and work.”

That’s exactly what Iron Valley is intended for. It’s much more than a gym, it’s a community, a family. We all push each other to be the very best possible and we’re blessed to call Mike a brother.

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