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Dylan Spina – @DylanSpina61

When most lifters bench heavy, usually the place where they find themselves “grinding” out the lift is at the top end. Some will say they have weak triceps causing them not to lock out the lift, but most likely the lifter is simply forgetting to engage the triceps at the final push.  A cue we’ve been using at the iron valley has been “Close” or “Close the elbows” using this cue as the lifter is completing the lift will create a mind muscle connection and remind the lifter to lock out or close the elbow quick by engaging the triceps.

All the movement is, is a straight bar triceps extension on the bench. (See video)

Some accessories to help you think this through is:

1) Top end static pauses

2) Bench 21’s

3) JM Presses

4) straight bar triceps extension on cable

Adding this Cue into your arsenal will help not only you but your training partners tremendously. Stop grinding through the lift and complete the lift efficiently!

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