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Michael Kranak, MA – @KranDaddy

What an awesome 8 weeks it’s been. Last week was my final week on Power Gainz before moving on to Bigger.Stronger.Leaner., and WOW! I can easily say Power Gainz has been the best programming I’ve done to date. Because it was so awesome, I wanted to share with all of you some progress I’m extremely proud of, as well as some things I learned about my body during Power Gainz.

Quick preface: I tweaked my back pretty bad two weeks ago – I broke form on a box squat and my erector spinae has been killing ever since, so no maxing out for me this week – just TONS of mobility work to get ready for BSL.
First, what were my goals for Power Gainz? I had two main, overarching goals for these 8 weeks: 1. I wanted to increase my numbers for the Big 3 (squat, bench, deadlift) and increase overall muscle, and 2. I wanted to see how my body reacted to increased calories and carbohydrates WITHOUT ANY CARDIO, as well as drop body fat. That’s right. For the past 8 weeks, I can say I have done zero cardio while increasing my caloric and carbohydrate intake.

Goal 1: Increase numbers on the Big 3

As I said above, I wasn’t able to max out this week, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed substantial gains!! On squat, I started out with working sets of 3×3 with 225lbs for box squats, by the end of Power Gainz I was doing 5×3 with 285lbs, with ease! Where I saw the biggest gains were on my bench and deadlift. For bench, I started out 165lbs for 9×3 working sets, by the end of Power Gainz I was hitting 185lbs for 9×3 PLUS 225 for sets of 5! This is the lightest and strongest I’ve been (164lbs as of last Friday), so hitting 225 for sets and reps was HUGE. Last, my deadlift saw the most improvement by far. My working sets for sumo were topping out around 225lbs at the start, by the end I was moving 300lbs for sets and reps, and sumo pulling is my weaker stance! My conventional deadlift best progress during Power Gainz was moving up to 285lbs plus bands for sets and reps. Huge progress for me.

Goal 2: Increase calories/carbs without doing any cardio, and drop body fat

Metabolism isn’t slow or fast; metabolism is hot and cold. Your body is like a furnace, and the more fuel you give it, the more it will burn. This has been a huge mental milestone for me to overcome. I’ve always stuck around 1500-1700 calories and 100-120g carbs a day, and I incorporated some form of cardio about three times a week. I wanted to challenge my body and see how it would react to zero cardio, and increasing calorie intake to at least 1800-2200 every day and bumping up carbs to at least 150-170g a day. I can say I’ve never felt stronger at this light of body weight, as well as visibly tightening up in my lower abs and back and obliques; these have been my toughest areas to lose body fat on. I started Power Gainz at 168lbs; last Friday I was 164lbs flat. I feel confident heading into BSL, and looking ahead to the summer shred, that this increased caloric and carbohydrate intake will have me constantly making new gains and PRs in the gym, as well as physique and mentally!

I hope all of you who ran through Power Gainz have had similar, and even better experiences and progress than I have! I know we’re all ready to end the year on a strong note with BSL, so let’s get back to work.


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