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Dylan Spina – @DylanSpina61

A couple weeks ago, a lot of members and lifters were complaining of low back pain. This is just mostly due to the constant sitting, or the constant heavy loads we put on our back or in our hands. I knew there was some ways we could feel better and decompress our spine.

Our spine compresses it self normally throughout the day. It’s a known fact that we are, on average, 2 cm shorter in the afternoon after going through our day. When the spine is compressed for periods of time by forces out of our control (squatting, pulling, pressing etc.) when the disc in the spine stay compressed, it lowers the amount of fluids that can travel throughout the body, drying some disc (why we feel pain) this also constricts nutrients that will be able to travel throughout the body to help repair and nourish.

Some exercises that you can do daily before or after your training session to help decompress the spine are:

1) Inverse band hang

-Set up single heavy band on pull up bar

  • have a partner or self enter the band
  • have band sit on your tail bone

-shoulders/traps in contact with the ground

  • spread legs open
  • hang for 30sec-5min


2) Bench band Pull

  • wrap medium band around pole
  • step into band wrap around waist

-walk out to Bench/ lay chest on bench

-let hips hang with knees just above the ground

  • sit in this for 30sec-5min

3) monkey hang

-jump up on pull up bar

-hands shoulder width apart

-hang there breathing deeply for 1-2min


This should help relieve the slight back pain and help open you up before some heavy lifts.

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