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Dylan Spina – @DylanSpina61

Recently, Zach Homol wrote an article on “Benching Correctly.” In that article on Step 3 of his process ,the mention of “Tucking of the Elbows” prior to un-racking comes into play. For me, this took forever to understand. It didn’t really click with me until I spent some time with just the bar and my positioning. THEN IT CLICKED!


While I was messing with the bar I realized that if I acted and forced myself to pull and BEND the bar at the same time, it will rotate the elbows forward, engage the lats and create a more efficient bar path.


Some Tips to help the Que:

1) Grab Bar in normal grip position

2) Pull the Bar apart

3) BEND the bar apart by squeeze a peanut between your shoulder blades

4) Execute the lift

This simple yet very effective que will help engage your lats put your elbows in the right positions to stop shoulder pain and add lbs to your total!


Check out the video here:

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