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Adam Harder – @AHard779

Let me guess, every day you do the same routine over and over:  wake up, go to school or work, workout, eat, sleep and occasionally have some fun on the weekends. And you have been doing this for how long? Weeks? Months? Years? Well STOP IT! Do something different and change your schedule up! Get in your workout at 5 in the morning or on your lunch break. Just change it up! Once you have been doing something for 21 days it becomes a habit, and when you want to see improvements and changes in your training, in your body, and in your mind, you cannot get stuck in a habit. If you want to break that habit, you must change something.

Here at Iron Valley Barbell, we are constantly changing our training times, work times, work loads, etc. Just about every 3 weeks, we change again. The first thing it does is give us a fresh look on the day. We aren’t waiting until 4 to train so we get in at 8 get ready to train, and when we get done lifting we get right to work. After a month or so, guess what? We change it up. Having a different look to the day can make you much more productive and keep you on your toes. You don’t ever want to give yourself time to get stuck in a routine.

The second thing it does is get us ready to handle anything that comes at us. How many of you out there get rattled by something not going the way it normally does? Your kid’s school needs you to work the drive-thru lane, or you’re running late to class and you get stuck in traffic and it ruins your day. Well, when you’re constantly changing you aren’t rattled by something new coming in. You can easily adapt to the changes and it just becomes part of your day.  If we worried about something changing, or new happening to us, it would slow us down. We really don’t have time for that. Small obstacles should not ruin anyone’s day. That is all they are—obstacles. They are not day ending catastrophes, but many people treat them that way and it affects their entire day.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be extremely tough, and you’re going to want to give me, and more importantly, yourself, every excuse you can. But stepping out is where you become great. If being great were easy, accomplishing your goal wouldn’t feel as monumental as it should. Trust me; it’s not as bad as you think it is to change your schedule.

The only thing that should stay the same is change.

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