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Michael Kranak – @KranDaddy

Now more than ever it seems like more people are taking their health seriously. People are working out/training in the gym more than they have before, getting active outside and actually thinking about what foods they’re putting into their bodies. This is awesome! I love seeing the increased focus on healthy lifestyles and making conscious choices to improve overall well-beings.

With the increased focus on working out and being healthy, there’s also an increased number of social media accounts aimed at being “fitness” profiles. For this article, let’s talk Instagram, but this can be said for all platforms. Some people are using these types of profiles as forms of accountability and that is a GREAT idea. Having a supportive community that can make sure you’re sticking to your plan, not skipping workouts, sticking to the meal plan: those are all excellent things. However, I want to talk about the fitness accounts that are individuals providing, or trying to provide, information based on very limited experience. This can be detrimental and potentially dangerous (think those pictures of dudes squatting on a large medicine ball – get that noise out of here!) When it comes to determining if an account can add value to your life, here are some things I always consider and I hope they help you as well!

  • Does the person/account ACTUALLY add value to your life? This is pretty straight forward. Are you learning anything from the person? Accounts with value will have high quality content, interact with followers and provide information you might not have gotten if you weren’t following him or her. If it’s just someone taking a bunch of flex pics in the mirror or booty shots then chances are they aren’t adding any value – maybe inspiring you to trim who you follow.
  • Is their content ORIGINAL? To me, this is HUGE. I remember when Homol came up with a banded belt march variation earlier this year. About three days later I saw dozens of accounts claiming they came up with this “new” exercise. I don’t want to follow anyone who steals from others and claims the other person’s work is their own. If they say where they got the content or that they’re making a variation, cool, but you should always give credit where credit is due.
  • Does the individual present the content in a genuine, appealing way to YOU? There are tons of people who provide some solid content, BUT, the way they carry themselves or act like they know everything or that their way is the best and only way is an automatic no-go. I’ve found the people who provide the best content (like our team here at IVB!) present our ideas and content in an open manner, genuinely trying to help others.

There you have it! Three principles I keep in mind when looking for accounts that will add value to my life. At the end of the day, it’s your call on who to follow, but make sure you’re making conscious decisions on where to get your information. The whole IVB team provides original, consumable content DAILY! Make sure to follow the whole team!


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