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Zach Homol – @ZachHomolPower

We’ve all at some time or another done some hack squats. But have you ever done them using a barbell? Or standing in front of the barbell? If your answer was NO, I’m not that surprised- HA. I haven’t seen many people doing this movement and for more than 1 reason I am sure. Some may not know about the movement, some may believe the movement is dangerous and others may not even train to increase their deadlift, or care to grow their legs. So let’s just say YOU are interested in throwing new exercises into your training regimen and are open minded enough to take on challenging exercises. Then I would say this exercise is FOR YOU.

The Ol Skool Hack Squats has never been a staple of my training and truly only finds it’s way into my programming when I really want to change it up. Now the movement has many benefits such as teaching the athlete to fire their hips to the bar, keep the chest upright and puts a ton of blood and meat on the quads! It also has many cons, if you will. Anytime we are training our posterior chain, FORM must be taken into consideration If not we will find ourselves beat up, or even worse, injured. Heading into the movement lets us be sure we 100% understand how to accomplish the lift. Follow the steps below and watch the video at the end of the article to ensure you are doing the movement correctly and you will see the benefits from this exercise!

Step 1: Walk up to the bar on the ground.

Step 2: Stand over the bar in your conventional stance

Step 3: Now step OVER the bar, with the bar behind your legs.

Step 4: Fill your lungs with air, then BRACE as if someone was about to punch you in the stomach.

Step 5: With your shins staying as straight as possible, reach down and grab ahold of the bar.

Step 6: Use your typical conventional grip.

Step 7: Head must stay in a neutral position.

Step 8: Raise your CHEST and KEEP your CHEST up throughout the movement.

Step 9: Begin to pull the bar.

At this time you will notice you will pull just until you hit your hamstrings. It is at this point you DRIVE your hips DIRECTLY forward. Simulate THROWING your hips into the bar on a conventional deadlift.

Drop the weight (I don’t recommend controlling the weight on the descent as I’ve seen people drop the bar on their calves.)

The OL Skool Hack Squat is just that, RAW and OL SKOOL. Watch the video below to ensure you are doing the movement correctly and enjoy the new exercise!

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