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There’s no secret that if you want to perform at the top level, it takes full commitment in all aspects of your life. Ask any elite figure in any industry and they’ll be the first to tell you about all of the sacrifices it took for them to make it to where they are today. When we read or hear about these successful people giving up their regular lives to chase their dreams, we too start to eliminate those things in our lives that we may think are holding us back. Instead of going to the bars with the crew on a Thursday night on campus, you may decide to head to the gym to get in a little extra work. While others are watching the latest Netflix show, you find yourself sitting at your desk watching YouTube videos on one of your weaknesses in the gym. When your family hits up the buffet, you pull out your rubberwear with chicken and veggies because you know that the fried chicken will crush your macros for the week. We’ve all been there. We get our minds so focused on the end goal in this industry that we often forget that we are human just like everyone else and our time is limited on this Earth. Are these sacrifices necessary to achieve that top tier of success? Yes. But when making those sacrifices don’t forget to enjoy life as you go along.

When I first got into fitness, I needed to lose a significant amount of weight. To do this I stuck to a very strict diet and nearly eliminated all forms of junk and “fun” food. While this method of eating is one of the keys to my success, I quickly realized that I wasn’t enjoying myself at all. I felt like I spent all night on cardio machines and prepping my next meal of green beans and chicken. In the next few years as my knowledge of my body grew, I have learned how to enjoy life a little more while still sticking to solid diet and programming.  When I first started loosening up on my diet, I thought for sure my weight would shoot up uncontrollably and I would be right back where I started. But what I found was far from that.  When you follow an intense training program like Zach’s, chances are you will be burning plenty of calories. If you keep your training intensity up there is no reason that you can’t enjoy a night out with the guys, or enjoy some fast food from time to time. Though at the time it may seem like the end of the world, in the long run you’ll be just fine.

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What should you take from this? Enjoy life. Travel with your friends, meet new people, go to that party you got invited to, get a group to work out together. Find something you enjoy and do it. Yes, there are times when you need to put the blinders on and focus solely on your goals, but in the other times, make sure you pause every now and then and make sure you are enjoying what you do. We only get one crack at this thing called life, so make it a good one.


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