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Kari Levi – @klevi88

Kari Levi has been a member at Iron Valley Barbell for about 2 months now. She has always known of the gym existing but until recently had not made that step to go inside and take action. Kari is currently 29 years old and in the best shape of her life. Since 23 she’s been on and off with fitness, trying all different types of workouts and diet fads she could find on the internet. She used to work out at a Lifetime Fitness and would be really into going and working out and then fall off and repeat this process time and time again. She knew she needed a change in pace and wanted to find a place that would benefit her all around so she cancelled her “globo gym” membership and signed up for Iron Valley Barbell and has never looked back. Upon coming in, she never thought IVB would be her kind of atmosphere but now, after being a part of it, the atmosphere is what she loves the most.

“Everyone in this gym is here to get better and to help others,” she said.

She loves the accountability that people hold you to. “The level of knowledge by the staff and members is great and the fact that its not like your “globo gym” where it’s almost a ‘tinder’ setting is amazing. When I go to the gym I’m going to work out and get better which is why I love IVB so much.”

Kari has been doing the “Cut It Out” programming on indiefitness.net and has seen outstanding results just after the first 4 weeks of programming!

“I’ve never been the type of person who wants to impede or bother others in the gym, which is why I love the program. The simplicity of it is great. I love walking in the gym and knowing what I have to do for the day and if I don’t know what a movement is I can go up to any single member and ask for advice and they will help you out instantly. You just don’t get that kind of encouragement and willingness to want others to succeed at other places like you do at IVB. Not only has my confidence inside the gym gotten better but it has carried over into my personal life. I have gained more energy throughout the day, I’ve gained more confidence. I feel better about myself and I owe it all to Iron Valley Barbell. This is not just a gym, this is a place to get better all around, a place to develop yourself. The people are amazing and the knowledge is incredible. My advice to anyone, guy or girl, who is thinking of joining or checking out Iron Valley Barbell would be to come in with an open mind, step out of the box of comfort and be amazed at how much can happen.”

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