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Zach Homol – @ZachHomolPower

In this article I will be breaking down the SQUAT MORNING giving you a better understanding of how to perform the movement, injury free!

The Squat Morning is by far my favorite posterior chain accessory movement (as of now). My “favorite accessory” movements always seem to rotate and then come back around. At the end of the day, I love to train and to put my body through hell each and every day so whichever movement is most challenging at the time, that has the carry over into my main lift that I need, is my favorite accessory movement!


Setting up the squat morning, as shown in this picture above, I am using a barbell in a low bar position. If I am using a straight barbell for squat mornings I will always set up in a low bar position as high bar puts too much UNNEEDED PRESSURE on the neck. Now, I will still do this movement in a higher position, but with specialty bars such as the camber bar and SS bar!


Stance: The squat morning can be done both in a wide stance and with knees at a shoulder width stance. In the picture above I am in a knees to shoulder width stance, which is my exact stance for my conventional deadlift. (See the carry over)

The descent: This is one of the most important portions of the squat morning.

Step 1: Slightly bend your knees: this will relieve unnecessary pressure on your knees and apply more of that weight into your hamstrings.


Step 2: Slightly sit your hips back (as if you are going to sit on the toilet)

Step 3: Start the descent by sitting back hinging at the hips. HIPS BACK

Step 4: You have now sat back as far as you can.


Step 5: Begin to hinge your upper body until you are at roughly 90 degrees.

Step 6: Pause for a second

Overview: Notice in all of the pictures how I maintain a neutral spine, never breaking my brace, remaining CORE TIGHT throughout the entire movement!

THE SQUAT: This portion of the lift is usually the easiest.

Step 1: From the previous Step 6 you will drop directly into the hole while staying core tight, continuing to support a neutral spine.

Step 2: Simply squat the weight back up.

Step 3: Start over!

The squat morning is a very fun movement to throw into the mix. I will rotate bands, chains, and multiple specialty bars to keep the training fresh! When doing the squat morning my main focus is not how much weight is on the bar, rather focusing of how the movement will carry over into my main lift and where I am the WEAKEST in the squat morning. Note: Anytime we are training our posterior chain we are vulnerable to injury. Be smart, no one can make progress being injured.

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