Push-Pull Recap

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Zach Kotecki – @ZachKoteckiFitness

A few weeks ago Iron Valley Barbell hosted it’s 2nd annual Push-Pull Meet. This was my first time ever being apart of a meet. I was not competing in the meet, rather I was in charge of orchestrating the event. This was now my second project in setting up events; my first, and biggest, one was back in July for our popular, sold out event, Power Jams. A lot more goes into setting up events than just thinking up of an idea, putting it together, posting once or twice about it and hoping when the day comes people show up. The whole team put tons of work into this event. First off, we had to find a date and also a location for the event. Once that was settled the next step was branding and marketing. We came up with a logo and our guy Dylan made it happen. Our only marketing for the event was done through social media and newsletters, with a few flyers posted inside the gym. We blasted Instagram and Facebook weekly letting everyone know what exactly we had going on for the meet. Approaching the date, I ordered chairs and the hardware for the event; medals for all winners in their respected weight classes and 2 trophies for the overall men’s and women’s winner. Next came the rough part; clearing the gym for the meet. The whole team stayed late the night before the event to rearrange the gym accordingly. This was not an easy task! Tons of 45lb plates had to be carried and taken off machines, all the machines had to be moved and stationed away, including squat racks and benches. The whole set up took about 2 and a half hours with about 7 guys helping. The day of the event was awesome! Everyone was pumped up to hit some PR’s and meet new people, such a great atmosphere was present at IVB that morning. We even had 3 guys drive all the way from New York to compete in the meet! (Links to their article here). Everyone was there to do their best and support one another. Whether they’ve done a meet before or this being their first, the vibes were fantastic and everyone enjoyed it. One of the biggest lifts on the day came from an IVB OG member, Logan Fink, pulling an easy 700lb double-overhand deadlift! Needless to say, the crowd was hype to see kind that of a pull! The overall winners on the day were Tyler East for the men and Rebecca Salman for the women. We calculated each lift by the Wilks Formula. Altogether, the day and event was a huge success. Lots of new friends were made and lots of knowledge was gained. Thank you to everyone who had a part in this event and who competed! Pictures from the days event are located on Ironvalleybarbell.net under the tab Gallery. Special thanks to Charlie Garwood (@C_garwood22) for the camera work!

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