Second Annual Push-Pull Meet Competitor Views

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The Second Annual Iron Valley Barbell Push Pull Meet has come and gone and while it was a great experience for everyone we have recently caught up with a few people from the meet.

First let’s start with the Men’s Overall Winner: Tyler East

Tyler is from Lafayette, Indiana, which isn’t very far from Iron Valley, but this was his first time coming to the gym. He had first heard about the meet from when he was looking for some new gear. This was Tyler’s first ever powerlifting meet and prior to the meet he had been doing the Power Shredz Program. Tyler now plans on doing other competitions after getting the first one out of the way and plans on hitting new PR’s at those meets like he did at this one. His 640 deadlift was a new PR for him and he was pumped to have hit it at a meet. Tyler did say that he has competed in a Strongman competition that and had actually won but competing in this was much more of a learning tool to boost his confidence going into other competitions. One of his biggest takeaways was that he needs to have more confidence in himself during his lifts. He stated that, “I didn’t go in with a lot of confidence because I wasn’t sure how I’d match up to the other competitors so I just  told myself to go in and don’t leave anything behind.” Tyler competed in the 220 weight class and benched 385 and pulled 640!

Next we will hear from the Overall Women’s Champ; Rebecca Salman

Rebecca is from Greenwood, Indiana and had also never been to Iron Valley Barbell. She had heard about it from Iron Valley’s own Dillion Moore. She had only heard about the meet a couple of weeks before it happened and what made her finally come in was the experience of powerlifting and meeting other competitors. This was her second meet she’d ever done and has one more push-pull, as well as a full meet planned still this year. She said she liked that this meet she was challenged to actually pause at the bottom of her lift on bench and that competitors were given the option to choose either Sumo Pulls or Conventional Deadlifts. She unfortunately didn’t hit any overall PR’s but actually hit a meet PR on bench at 155! Rebecca loved the sportsmanship from everybody in the gym. She said “Everybody truly wants you to do your best. I also will say that Iron Valley Barbell would easily be my home gym if I lived closer. The staff was very motivating and encouraging. You guys seriously rock and the overall feel of the gym makes you feel strong.”  Rebecca won the women’s division with a bench of 155 and a deadlift of 315!

While the majority of competitors were from a relatively close range, Iron Valley Barbell had the pleasure of meeting 3 Powerlifters all the way from New York. One of those competitors was Liam Quinnlan.

Liam is a 19-year-old lacrosse player who hasn’t been powerlifting long (about a year)  but that didn’t stop him from having a strong meet. He and his training partners have been following gym owner, Zach Homol, for quite awhile and after seeing that he was having a meet they decided this was the one they would compete in. This was also Liam’s first Powerlifting meet and he said that “it was a great experience and amazing atmosphere. Competing in this meet has made me realize what a great sport powerlifting is and I’m pumped to continue to get stronger and compete in other competitions.” Liam did not hit any PR’s but was proud of his numbers and also finished 3rd in a stacked 165 weight class, only weighing 152 lbs! Liam benched a solid 245 and pulled 405!

Some of the other highlights from the meet were Iron Valley’s own Logan Fink  competing in his first ever meet. Logan came in second overall while winning the 275 pound division! Logan had a huge double-overhand deadlift for 700 pounds!  Also attending the push-pull meet from New York was Pete Fenaroli. Pete was the ring leader of the New Yorkers. He is a 61-year-old powerlifter and was an amazing guy to talk to. Pete won the 181 division with a 265 bench and a 455 deadlift!

Iron Valley Barbells 2nd annual meet ran very smoothly and it was interesting to meet all the people that came out. Thanks to all the supporters out there.


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