Stop Wishing, Take Action

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Dylan Thacker – @DThack03

For the past few weeks I’ve been in a slump. Summer is coming to an end, my last year of school is starting and I feel as though I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. What I’m doing here at Iron Valley, I love, but I have a hard time seeing exactly what the future holds for me. For those of you who don’t know already, I handle a lot of the behind the scenes work. From editing these articles, designing E Books and tees, and any other miscellaneous jobs thrown at me. However, I’m caught at a point where I’m not sure how to leverage that into other endeavors.

For me, I’ve always been a bit unsure. I’ve changed schools and majors multiple times throughout the past five years and finally I’ve landed on Journalism. However, I’m finding that I work better when I’m tasked with multiple projects at once. I enjoy overcoming that tremendous workload and making it happen. With that being said, I don’t have just one thing that I can lean into 100%. What I’m realizing is that I’m falling into a mindset that is going to set me up for failure. Instead of wishing for something to come along and spark inspiration I need to just throw myself into any and every project that comes my way. If I enjoy it, do it. If I don’t, don’t. For a lot of people I think that they want success so bad but don’t know how to obtain it. I’m surrounded by a team who is on the verge of something huge and we aren’t the only ones who see it. Just last week my mom and I were having a deep conversation and she said, “Make sure you keep working with Zach. I can tell you guys are going to do big things together.” That right there was all the motivation that it took for me.

I put my heart and soul into making sure Power Gainz was designed perfectly and got across the message that Zach and all of IVB want to put out. I am very proud with the way that it turned out and I can’t wait for it to impact so many lives. That type of design work is not what I thought I would be doing in life, but I love it. It’s my way of giving back and being able to impact other people. So whether you know exactly what you want or you’re torn between a few things, just make it happen. Stop waiting around and wishing for success and take action because that’s the only way that you will truly be able to get it.

I don’t believe in luck, I believe in action and execution.


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