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Zach Kotecki – @ZachKoteckiFitness

It’s that time of the year again. Summer is just about over and now you have to say goodbye to your family and friends and head back to school. For you freshmen, heading away to college for the first time can be scary. Filled with new people, new areas and new scenes, college is some of the best times you’ll ever have! You’re most likely experiencing a whole new level of freedom without parents to tell you to do your homework, tell you where to be, what to do and who to hang around with. You will do a tremendous amount of growing during your first year at college. You will be tested every single day. Tested in your choices, tested with your classes, tested with what most people struggle with; time management. Another area you will be tested is with your diet. The Freshman 15 is REAL! So how do you deal with making sure you don’t become the person who leaves home and returns thanksgiving break 15-20 pounds heavier? Set goals, stick to a game plan and execute it. As I said, you will be tested. You will walk into that cafeteria the first day and be in awe. You’ll see all the stations of “free” food. Everything from pizza, cheeseburgers, fries, pastas, sandwiches and the oh so glorified ice cream machine. Now don’t worry too much because after a month or so this food will lose its appeal but, nonetheless, you’re still going to be surrounded by them each and everyday. You can still live and eat a healthy lifestyle though while in college! Most campuses will have a dietician or place you can go to receive help and meal suggestions. You can also find a program online or simply just have strong will power and refrain from junk food 24/7. One tip that I’ve utilized while in college was to grab a to go box every time I went to cafeteria. I will have my to go box and just fill it with healthy, goal oriented foods and take it outside or to my room to eat. This way you aren’t surrounded by the smells and temptations of the other foods and you are also limited as to the portions you can fit into one box. It is 100% possible and quite easy to not be apart of the Freshman 15, but don’t overlook it. It is just as possible that you could be apart of that group.

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