Dylan Thacker’s Internship Experience

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Dylan Thacker – @DThack03

In May I left my home in Ohio for an unpaid internship at Iron Valley Barbell with no idea what I was going to be doing or how I was going to make it financially. Still, I had belief in everything that Zach had going on and the vision he had explained to me. I knew that I could be an asset to his team and now was my time to prove it.

From the day that I walked through those doors I could feel it. Everyone there was working towards a common goal and there was no way that they were going to lose. Right away, they welcomed me onto the team and began throwing work my way. While my primary job was going to be in my realm, journalism, I ended up doing much more than that. It seemed like any problem that arose or new idea they had, they threw it my way. Since I’m not the strongest or most fit guy in the room, I knew that I had no choice but to make it happen, one way or another. That’s exactly what I did. Every task that was given to me, I accomplished.

Now, three months later, my internship is over and I’m heading back into my last year of college. Agin I’m unsure of what this entails for me but I know that no matter where I am that Iron Valley will always be a part of who I am and everything I do. I learned so much from lifting weights, business and life in general. I can’t thank Zach enough for giving me a shot when he had no idea who I was. I will forever be thankful for the experiences I had this summer and am looking forward to everything we have coming up. I’m proud to say that I will be continuing with Team IVB from Ohio. Just one more step to expanding and building this empire.

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