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Adam Harder – @ahard779

From time to time I will have friends and family ask me to make them workout plans and I am happy to do so but something ALWAYS comes up that prevents them from sticking with the workout plan. They say they have to miss a couple of days for a vacation or work related trips and they don’t have a commercial gym membership that allows them to use an Anytime Fitness or something similar.  The excuses start to pile up and suddenly they believe they can’t work out because they are stuck in the hotel “gym” and everyone knows that there are usually no free weights and only cardio equipment. This is not a valid excuse and should not prevent anyone from going in getting a lift on.

You just have to adapt to what is available to you. Do not focus on what is missing, focus on what is there and what you can do with it. If you only have dumbbells that go up to 45 pounds and you usually bench 315 for reps, then why not hop on and do the dumbbells for 30 reps supersetted with pushups. You’re still going to break down the muscles and you will feel less guilty about that vacation diet you have been on.

This is also a great time to work on your mobility because, let’s be honest, it probably sucks. Buy yourself a 7 dollar band and a cheap foam roller and take them with you to use for stretching and check out zachhomolpower on youtube for the complete stretching routine. Also, the band could come in handy with adding resistance on the dumbbell bench, or if there are no dumbbells, you could substitute it with curls or add it on to pushups.

In reality, there is no reason to miss workouts even when you’re traveling. If there are no free weights at all,and you forgot your band, you can always do a full-body body-weight circuit. You’re just making excuses on why you can’t workout. CUT THE BULLSHIT AND GET TO IT!

On The Road Workouts 

With Dumbbells 

  • Flat Bench Dumbbell Press
    • 3 x 20
    • 2 drop sets hitting 4 different Weights As Many Reps As possible at each weight (AMRAP)
  • Alternating Dumbbell Bicep Curls
    • 3 x 25 x Rep Progression
      • 1,1,2,2,…10,10
  • Overhead Tricep Part Ways
    • 3 x 15
    • 2 drop sets hitting 3 weights AMRAP at each weight
  • Side Raises <superset> Front Raises
    • 4 x 25
  • Dumbbell Overhead Lunges
    • 4 x 15 EACH
  • Single Leg Straight Leg Dumbbell Deadlift
    • 4 x 15 EACH
  • Back Flys
    • 4 x 15
    • Plank -:30 seconds -1:00 (if you can get 1:00 get it)
    • Butterfly Kick :30 seconds
    • Crunches 25

Without Dumbbells and cardio only 

CIRCUIT x 4 and a 2:00 break

  • Pushups With Band 25
  • Curls with Band 25
  • Face and Neck Pulls with hit both as one rep – 25
  • Lunges 25 each leg
  • Jogging 5:00
  • 50 crunches

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