What I Learn at IVB Daily

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Zach Kotecki

What I Learn at IVB Daily
I came to Iron Valley Barbell on April 10th for an internship with Zach Homol at IVB. Going into this internship and making the move from Chicago, everyone asked me what would I be doing there? I couldn’t even give them a true answer. I myself didn’t know what exactly the internship entailed but I knew it would be beneficial to my goals in life and that I would absolutely do whatever I could do to better myself and make myself a part of Iron Valley Barbell. My first few weeks at the gym was basically laying the ground work for all that we had planned for the months to come. I cleaned out the storage room, which was absolutely stuffed with equipment and over the course of a week the team and I transformed it into a badass, one of a kind locker room! My days were long and rough but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. Throughout the weeks and months to come I was starting to get more and more responsibilities put on me. I took over some of the social media work and started to learn marketing; something I had never imagined doing, but I love it. Near the end of my second month I presented Zach with an idea of having an event here at the gym; Power Jams. We ran with it and a couple Saturdays ago had our first annual Power Jams at Iron Valley Barbell. Zach put me in charge of it all and this taught me so much about communication, executing a game plan and believing in yourself. The whole Team killed the event and we have over $1,000 to give back to local charities! I now am also the Head Personal Trainer at the gym and have acquired several clients already. July 10th marked my 3 months here at Iron Valley Barbell. I have grown so much since first stepping foot in IVB in April. Each and every day I am pushed by my peers to do better, to be better. Everyday I learn something new, whether it be with the weights or in business. You learn a lot about yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone and surrounding yourself with like minded individuals. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t want to come into work, I love every second of being here and being a part of what Iron Valley Barbell has going on. I can’t wait to see where the next 3 months will take me and Iron Valley Barbell. 
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