The Importance of Training Partners

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Alex Skinner – @alexskinner5

What does having a training partner mean to you? Is it just someone to shoot the shit with for a few hours at the gym or is it someone who will push you to be the strongest version of yourself? If you’re anything like me you’re going to choose the guy who forces you to level up. My training partners will critique my form with no hesitation. They will point out my weaknesses and show me how to improve. But most of all they are someone who will push me past the mental barriers that we all place on ourselves. They are NOT the guys slapping you on the back ¾ of the way through your working saying, “that’s good enough.”

If you have any aspirations to become the strongest version of yourself possible then training with these types of people who are just there for a good time will only get you so far and limit you from truly reaching your full potential. It’s crucial that you check yourself on who you surround yourself with. This applies not only in the gym but in life as well. If you hang with losers then chances are you’ll become one yourself. However, the same can be said for hanging with winners. There is a high chance that you’ll develop the consistency of winning. Choose your company wisely.

As far as training partners go, you need people who are consistent. Goal driven individuals come few and far between. Your good friend could be the best training partner in the world but if he’s a no show for majority of the week, that won’t cut it. Those qualities will rub off onto you as well which is why it’s so important to find people just as consistent and motivated as yourself. If it comes down to training with someone who will put you further from your goals then train alone every time.

These aren’t just your buddies anymore. When you step into the gym to train it’s a whole new world. Find those people to push you to the strongest version of yourself every damn day. Not once in awhile, or every now and then, EVERY DAY. You will build a special bond with the brothers you sweat with just as I have with my brothers at IVB. At the end of the day choose your training partners wisely because it will pay off in the long haul.

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