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Luke Ferrigno and his buddies Brian, Dakota and Sam take what they call “The Pilgrimage” about every 6 months from Jacksonville, Il (Near Springfield) to come learn and train with Zach Homol and the crew at Iron Valley Barbell. Why exactly do they travel over 4 hours just to come lift weights? It’s simple Luke says, if you want to be better at whatever you do, you should seek out mentorship. It’s not just about lifting weights its much deeper. It can be applied into your daily actions and life. The weights are just a stepping stone, a entrance into it all. The knowledge level at Iron Valley is truly amazing. Luke says, “The smallest guy here can teach you something and the biggest guy here can teach you something. Everyone is humble, thats something that people don’t understand. They’ll see somebody who’s in really great shape and they’ll think oh God they’re better than me, I don’t want to talk to them, they’re gonna make fun of me. When in reality the best thing you can do is go talk to them because 9 times out of 10 thats gonna be the person to wrap their arm around you and say hey, do this, don’t get offended, take it with a grain of salt and go to work.” Luke nailed it right on the head with this one, this is what Iron Valley Barbell is all about. Everyone coming together, sometimes complete strangers, to experience the atmosphere. Each one is pushing and encouraging the others to become better and reach their full potential. Dakota, Sam and Brian also emphasized heavily on the atmosphere here at Iron Valley. The level of camaraderie everyone had on another was unheard of they said, everyone pushes themselves and the next to their full potential. All 3 of these guys are also coaches so the trip isn’t just for themselves. They all have their athletes deadlift and lifting heavy while incorporating the other aspects needed to help their athletes to get stronger! These guys came to lift and learn so they can educate and infect others with the new information they’ve learned back home. Can’t wait to have all you guys back at the Valley to grow with us again soon! #1Love 
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