IVB Spotlight – Cole Miller

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Cole Miller first heard about Iron Valley Barbell through another member, Brad Abbott. Brad was a wrestling coach ta Cole’s high school and they built a bond together lifting weights. When Cole graduated, Brad invited him to come down to IVB and give it a shot. A few days after that initial workout, Cole was a member. “The atmosphere was unmatched and when I met Zach a few days I told myself if I wanted to be successful then I need to surround myself with successful lifters.” That is the true essence of Iron Valley and Cole captured it greatly. IVB isn’t concerned on being the biggest gym with the most members. It’s focused on a close-knit group of guys all becoming the best that they can be. Quality over quantity.

On top of the family atmosphere, Cole spent countless hours working with Zach on techniques and form and just jumping in to his training circuits. Since Zach gives so much and asks for nothing, Cole took it upon himself to build a deadlift platform for the gym. ‘The whole process is pretty simple. It’s just the screwing and gluing. Then you got to prep and finish the middle wooden piece. Painting the IVB logo on there was rough. Got to center everything and with a stencil you only get one try so you can’t mess it up.” The deadlift platform turned out amazing and it seems that Cole may have a new side hustle. As of now he’s constructing one for Chris Nardi from Chicago, an avid visitor of IVB. For now, he’s doing it because he takes pride in his work and the reactions that he’s received thus far have been amazing. Iron Valley definitely appreciates Cole and all of the members that make it a one of a kind, destination gym.

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