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When I moved back to the Indy area I remember having a hard time finding a gym that could fit my needs. As a competitive powerlifter there are very limited options everywhere, but especially in Indy. While Iron Valley barbell fits these needs and is the most suitable gym for anyone serious about strength, there are other rare qualities that help it stand out from the rest. It may not have the newest, prettiest equipment but any serious lifter knows that those things don’t help. What you need is dedication, motivation and the drive to push yourself to that next level. That’s what Zach Homol and IVB instills in it’s members that very few gyms care to do. Most gyms just care that your credit card info is up to date and active but Iron Valley creates a family environment making it fun to train, but also that helps you grow both inside and outside of the gym.

Being that I was the only equipped powerlifter in the gym, I needed help every single training session to get into my suits and shirts. Not only was I never neglected help, but no one ever expected anything in return. That right there is what makes IVB so special. The people there genuinely want to help others succeed. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to become a part of this family and train with everyone at Iron Valley.

I am currently living in Arizona now as I will be going to school for my doctorate in physical therapy. As for my training, I am taking some time to work on some weaknesses and rehab some nagging injuries from a long season of training. Though I have not committed yet, my next tentative meet is the American Open in Anaheim, California this upcoming December. I have found a new training facility here in Arizona but it pales in comparison to what IVB stands for. It’s not because of the equipment, but about the people and environment that they create. There are very few gyms out there and anyone who decides to join Iron Valley will not regret their decision if they truly care about their fitness goals.

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