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What’s up guys!  I am currently programming for my new Ebook: PowerShredz! PowerShredz is a program that is going to both make you STRONGER and LEANER at the same time!! While this workout below will be providing you with an inside look of how intense the programming will be! The book will be complete with a 8 week program, exercises guide and meal plan!

Try out this workout and send me your feedback to my snap chap: Zachhomol

  • Flat bench:

3×20 warm up

2×5 – 2 min rest

1×3- 2 min rest

3×10 –2 min rest

  • Floor press:

5×8 pause top and bottom – 2 min rest

  • Incline dumbbell:

3×10 heavy as possible- 90 second rest

2 drop sets hitting 5 different weights 15 each!!  No rest during drop set. 90 second rest between each drop set.

  • Dips: 100 in the least amount of sets possible – 90 second rest

  • Incline dumbbell flys <superset> EZ bar skull crushers

4×12 each! – 90 second rest

  • V bar push downs:

3×15 – 1 min rest

2 drop sets hitting AMRAP on 4 different weights – No rest during drop sets. 1 min rest between drop sets

  • Rope push downs:

3 drops sets hitting AMRAP ON 5 different weights – 1 min rest

  • Side raises: 100 total- don’t drop weight -Do not drop the dumbbells till you hit 100 total reps!

I hope you guys enjoy this madness!

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