The Youngest Member of IVB- Alex Skinner

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Alex Skinner @alexskinner5 “Why do you drive so far to go the gym?” “What’s so special about IVB?” “Can’t you lift somewhere closer?” “You’re crazy!” These are the questions and comments that I get every day from my peers in high school. My response, “There’s simply nothing like it. Come experience it for yourself.” Most […]

Bench Press Guide


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What’s up guys!  I am currently programming for my new Ebook: PowerShredz! PowerShredz is a program that is going to both make you STRONGER and LEANER at the same time!! While this workout below will be providing you with an inside look of how intense the programming will be! The book will be complete with […]

My Journey

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My Journey – Zach Homol Two years ago my life was change forever. I’m forever thankful that I had the courage to make it happen even when the change had everyone around me calling me crazy. Not many people believed in my vision at first. To be honest, I think that no one truly believed in […]